How To Pay Your Water Bill With Airtel Payments Bank?

Water is an essential resource in our lives, and our dependence on it is inevitable. It is also very important to have regular water supplies in our homes. To ensure that, one has to make water bill payments on time. Non-payment of water bills can affect you in many ways like an additional late fee, shut-off of water supply, reinstallment fee (in case of connection is cut-off), etc. Hence, it is crucial to pay bills before the due date. With the Airtel Payments Bank, you can make water bill payments across various water boards in India. So, let’s have a look at the vendors associated with the Airtel Payments Bank.

Vendors linked to the Airtel Payments Bank

  • Bhopal Municipal Corporation
  • Bangalore Water Supply Board
  • Delhi Jal Board
  • Gwalior Municipal Corporation
  • Hyderabad Water Supply Board
  • Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Jabalpur Municipal Corporation
  • Municipal Corporation of Gurugram
  • Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar
  • New Delhi Municipal Council and many more.

Now, to pay your water bill online, you must know the amount you need to pay and the process of making the payment. A hassle-free way to pay your bills online is via the Airtel Payments Bank. The process is quick and convenient.

How To Pay Your Water Bill Online with the Airtel Payments Bank?

There are two ways to pay bills online, one is via the website, and the other is via the app. Follow the steps to make easy bill payments with the Airtel Payments Bank.

Water Bill Payment with the website:

Step1: Go to the website and log in to your account.

Step2: Visit the ‘Bank’ page and select ‘Water’

Step3: Select the biller to whom you want to pay such as (DJB, NDMC, BWSSB, DDA, HMWSSB etc.)

Step4: Fill in your customer identification number and tap on proceed

Step5: Complete the payment, and your payment will be done.

Water Bill Payment with the App:

Step1: Download the app and log in to your account.

Step2: Select ‘Pay Bills’ and click on the ‘Water’ option

Step3: Select your water service operator such as (DJB, NDMC, BWSSB, DDA, HMWSSB etc.)

Step4: Now, fill in your customer identification number

Step5: Click on ‘Pay Now’ to complete the payment.

What is a Customer Identification Number?

A customer identification number is a unique identification number that is allotted to every user by the water boards. You can easily find the number in your latest and previous water bills. This unique number helps differentiate between every consumer. Also, note that the name for the customer identification number can be different for every board. The number has a unique name for every water board. Here’s a list of common names for the identification number in the water bills with their respective water boards:

  • RR Number with BWSSB
  • CAN Number with HMWSSB
  • Consumer Number with PHE – Mizoram, HUDA
  • Connection ID with GWMC
  • Customer ID with CIDCO, DDA
  • K Number with DJB
  • Computer Code with Jalkal Vibhag Nagar Nigam Prayagraj and so on.

Once you’ve found your customer identification number, you can use it to check your bill details and pay your water bill online. You may also need to provide other details depending on the water board. Now that you know the process of making your water bill payment online, you can make payments in time and make the most of uninterrupted water supply services in your home.