From Online No Limit Cash Game to Live Joker338

Online poker is a popular game. The majority of new players play almost exclusively online, and most likely have never played in a live-money poker game. Before the internet, poker was only available in traditional brick-and-mortar cardrooms, casinos or illegal cardrooms. There was no internet poker, and the game was still played in the original way. While internet poker is convenient and fast-paced, it doesn’t offer the same level of quality as a live game. For me, I find it hard to leave the hustle and bustle of online poker and enjoy live poker. Whether it is the social aspect of the game or the ability to read and analyze your opponents better, poker is best enjoyed while playing live. There are some things you need to adjust to your game if you have not played in a live cash game for a while or have not been to the local casino in a while.

You will need to adjust your game to be more efficient. Online poker is fast, and you can see between 50 and 70 hands an hour. In live casinos, you have a dealer, and typically only 20-30 hands per hour. This means that you will probably be used to playing online poker at a fast pace. You may also play more than one table, which can mean you see over 150 hands hero388 slot per hour. The majority of these 150 hands are folded, and you can win between 4-5 big pots in an hour. However, in brick and mortar casinos where the pace is slower, you might only win 1-2 big hand per hour and then get garbage hands for the entire hour. You will need to be patient and adapt to the slower pace. It is impossible to get bored playing too many hands. Many internet players are accustomed to playing live games and will play a lot of weak hands because they get tired of folding. You will lose a lot of your advantage if you are unable to adapt to the changing pace of the game. This can give the other players a substantial advantage.

You can become impatient if the slow pace makes you feel bored. Talk to other players, take a break for dinner, or practice your hand-reading skills with hands that aren’t involved. If you are allowed to read or play your PSP in the casino, you might even consider reading a book. Also, you should be aware of players who become impatient or start making rash decisions. These are the people you want to target.

Live poker can be dangerous. I don’t know why but they tend to play more live. You shouldn’t be surprised to find people calling you until the river with gut shot straights, or calling you till the river using pocket 4s. Then they will hit their set on river to crack your AK. Loose players in the casino will chase long-shot draws. If they do so, you should not immediately start tilting. Your stronger hands will prevail over these weaker players, eventually you’ll collect more money than them. The luck factor in poker is always equal so play solid poker and reap the rewards. To counter bad players at the table, it is a good idea to play with more suited connectors, suited aces, and face cards. These hands are great for multi-way pots, as you can get many callers if your straight or flush is hit.

You will also need to bring your poker face, and reading skills to the table. Online poker gives you only 30 seconds to make your decision. You cannot see your opponents so you can’t read their behavior or reactions. You also have to bring your poker face and reading skills to the table.

There are many factors in live poker. A lot of the edge in live poker comes down to reading your opponent’s hands. This is done based on your “feel” or intuitions. It can sometimes take a while so take your time and carefully analyze your opponents. You will often be able to tell if your marginal hand is worth value or if your opponent has flopped a strong hand based on your physical behavior and betting habits. This is a key factor in being a successful Live Poker Player.

If you’re wondering how you can make a living playing online poker, but end up losing every time you play in a cash game, here are some reasons. These adjustments will make a big difference in your live poker play.