10 Simple Steps to Monetize Your Blog Or Website

If you have ever wondered how to monetize your twitter account I’m here to help you. Below I have put together a comprehensive list of the top 9 applications and tools you can use to make money with your Twitter account:

1. Twittad: Offers two ways for Twitter 핸드폰 소액결제 현금화 users to monetize their profiles. Through background ads where you post your account for an Advertiser to sponsor and tweet promos. You can also choose to opt-in to an Advertiser’s campaign.

2. Be a magpie: This is one of Twitters largest ad networks. The service identifies the most relevant ads that match your account and you have the option of having them tweeted or not. You then get paid once the appropriate action has occurred (Someone clicks the ad, buys a product).

3. Revtwt: Similar to magpie except you can choose the ads you want to tweet yourself without the service selecting them for you. There is also an auto post option that allows you to have up to 2 randomly selected ads tweeted to your account daily.

4. Turbo Cash Generator: A software system that automatically creates your own affiliate review website. You are then shown how to get targeted traffic to your site through various methods including Twitter.

5. Twittertise: This is an advertising platform that allows you to schedule your own promotional tweets and track the success of them using the URL tracking system Bit.Ly. Great for businesses and marketers who want to see stats on which messages are reaching customers the best.

6. Twivert: This application uses two types of ads: CPC (cost per click) ads – you get paid every time an ad tweeted on your account is clicked. CPF (cost per follower) ads – you get paid depending on your follower count. There is also an auto ad option where they choose ads on your behalf.

7. TweetBucks: It is a URL shortener that allows you to monetize every link you share on Twitter. If you have a link to a participating online merchant or product and someone buys a product through your link you earn a commission. You can also find offers to Retweet and earn through referring people to Tweetbucks.

8. Tweet ROI: With TweetROI you choose tweets that suit you best and are able to write them in your own words. This keeps them personal and avoids the spammy look. There is no auto posting option so you have to opt in to campaigns you want to tweet.

9. Sponsored Tweets: This is an online marketplace where Advertisers pay you cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet on your account. You set the price you want for each tweet, add a category and keywords that best describes your account or what you’re looking for and then wait for Advertisers to make you an offer.

These are all great tools to use if you want to learn how to monetize your Twitter account. The best way to utilize these applications is to use them sparingly in between your normal tweets. If your account is all ads all the time then chances are people will lose interest and consider you a spammer. But when used properly these applications can be a great little money earner.